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User Info Comey Memo? Or Seth Rich? Or Classified Data?; entered at 2017-05-17 21:02:49
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I don't view this as being a partisan issue at all. I think this country is run by a sort of white collar mob, similar to the Camorra in Italy. There are a constellation of patron interests (health care industry, big pharma, big agriculture, big oil, big pentagon, public labor unions, think tanks, etc) who sponsor political operatives that use government power to skim government revenues to the patrons. Democrats and Republicans aren't opposites, rather they are like two feuding "families" within the broader mob that, despite their quibbles, have a vested interest in maintaining the broader rackets.

The corporate media is owned by the patrons as well. Sure, some media may skew towards the "democrat family", and some skew towards the "republican family", but all of these outlets have a vested interest in maintaining a social narrative that gives cover and credence to the rackets in the eyes of the people.

Trump's an outsider. Yes he's wealthy and had a wealthy dad, and may have even been a minor patron in his years, but he was not "raised" up the chain within the rackets and the powers that be don't trust him in that office.

Don't get me wrong, after the health care proposal, I doubt Trump has any fire under him to bust up any of these rackets anymore. Seems to me that the dime has dropped with him and his policy has taken a turn indicating that he's willing to play ball with them. However, I'm thinking the insiders just don't trust him, and that some act of mismanagement, a burst of retribution, or a loose Tweet might expose something to Americans that will wreck the carefully curated narrative that they use to keep Americans complacent to the rackets.

This whole Russia thing seems like a complete canard to me. A textbook gaslighting operation. Whatever happens due to Trump that breaks the conventional network, find a way to blame Russia. Russia "hacked the election". Voters were swayed by "fake news", that was perpetrated by Russia. Trump's staff is riddled with Russian operatives. Even when Trump meets the Russian ambassador to the US (something quite normal for a President to do), the media screams that this ambassador is a known Russian spy, and recruiter of spies.

If the Russian ambassador to the US is a known Russian spy, then why the hell did Obama accept his diplomatic credentials in the first place? If the USG knows someone is a spy, they normally would expel them.

Finally the media finds a Russia issue that might have some credibility, Flynn's "potentially compromising" relations with Russia. I'd still like to hear more about this to see if there's any real meat to this, but the media is now using this as a sort of validation that ALL of the prior gaslighting is all true. Just heard someone on CNN say "looks like all roads head to Russia!"

They want Trump out. The special prosecutor gives them an open door to do a fishing expedition to find fodder to ruin him.
2017-05-17 21:02:49