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User Info Comey Memo? Or Seth Rich? Or Classified Data?; entered at 2017-05-17 18:19:25
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Registered: 2009-10-06 Msumelle, Ar
I disagree that Trump can depend on the Republican Party to protect him in an Impeachment Proceeding. There were way too many Never Trumper's and they would still do anything to get rid of him regardless of what the outcome might be.

We already have one Republican on record in the last couple of days ready to buy into Impeachment. Once enough momentum for this starts, this country will be put through the wringer. The Senate ,and the forces against Trump, will win out if it goes that far. Trump will not survive.

The sad thing is none of these people are going to think about the real long term consequences of these actions. The corruption is so total that these criminals will go to any lengths to keep their power and the status quo and that means they get rid of Trump.

On a larger scale the question is what will this do to the country. We are already divided, this will guarantee a Schism that will never be healed. I can't even imagine exactly what will happen if Trump is removed by the Elite Politicians. It just might be a powder keg and if that fuse is lit who knows.

Short term the Republican Party that was riding high after the election will be finished, but I don't think the Democrats will necessarily benefit either.

The hate and vicious actions of the Left and piling on will not play well in Flyover Country and it will be interesting to see the repercussions of it all. My opinion is that if this plays out it will be a unmitigated disaster.
2017-05-17 18:19:25