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User Info Comey Memo? Or Seth Rich? Or Classified Data?; entered at 2017-05-17 12:06:49
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If any of this is impeachable, then no President should have ever made a full term. Evidence is strong that Obama issued a falsified public document in 2012.

Trump isn't owned and that scares the hell out of the DC crime network. If they had real investigations in DC, at least half of Congress, many on Wall Street and a sizable number of medicine related people would go to prison.

The mantra has been to impeach Trump for anything they could make up. The Russian story is very likely a conspiracy between the DNC, the Democratic leadership and a sizable number of corporate fascists in the press. There has been no outside investigation of the DNC server other than by a controlled source. I trust Assange more than any Democrat. Remember, they cheated to get one of the all time political criminals on the top of the ticket. They conspired with the press to push bad news on opponents and to cheat on the debates.

Assange offered a reward on the Seth Rich case. Why? He damn sure doesn't appear to be a card carrying Reoublucan. Instead, he looks more like a 1970's anti war liberal.

They are hitting Americans with the big lie. Trump is being killed with a war of attrition. The swamp needs a guy they own in the White House, not someone who didn't take their money. The goal is to destroy the US and merge it into a world controlled system.

There are probably no more than 50 men and women in Congress that shouldn't be in prison for racketeering. The fact that 100% of the Democratic Party would support Obamacare and the Republicans wouldn't and then vote for a near replica is evidence enough. We are being ripped off at least $1 trillion in that matter alone.

The Federal Government spends $30k per private job in the country. Half the jobs in the country pay less than $30k a year. How long is this model going to work? When you throw in state and local taxes, the bottom half of the working population does not make enough money to pay their share, much less live. I suspect the next 25% also fall if that category. We are seeing the last grab of American assets before the whole thing goes down the tubes. They can't have someone interrupt their salvage party.
2017-05-17 12:06:49