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User Info It Is March of 2000?; entered at 2017-05-04 13:09:06
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Marquiri - Face the fact you will be screwed out of all or most of this. You do not have the power to reform the system. The only way to beat the casino is not to play in the casino.
My wife has 'significant' funds in the retirement accounts, but she has never put in more than matching what her employer offered as free money, so she can lose half of it and she's really lost nothing. She realizes it wasn't any grand free gift at the onset.
They keep suggesting she divert a huge chunk of her income - 20 or 30% to the accounts. We're not that stupid. 3% towards this lotto ticket is plenty.
We own our home. It is the cheapest sort of home in an area of very expensive homes. That limits what they can collect because we can pay our tax easily when the owners of these multi-million dollar home will be busted by the same rate.
We don't owe anything. The credit cards get auto-paid monthly. They are just a convenience. We pay cash for our cars. Modest practical cars.
As far as I am concerned we are RICH compared to the strivers in the $1.5 million dollar house with two new leased cars and everything stuffing their Mc Mansion on credit. In hock past their ass and spinning the hamster cage so hard the bearings are smoking.
2017-05-04 13:09:06