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User Info Insex Control :-); entered at 2017-04-19 13:59:42
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Up in the UP of Michigan in the summer time mosquitoes CAN be a problem but the ****ing biting flies are murderously bad. You CAN hike there without bug protection BUT you better not slow down or stop -- if you do you will get eaten alive within seconds.

Around here the flies are yellow but they bite like a mother****er in the summer time afternoons and it's a royal bitch to do the lawn without slathering up as a consequence.

In BOTH cases DEET is only partly effective as those flies will ignore it a good part of the time and bite you anyway, right on treated skin.

West Nile isn't a big issue around here and ticks, while potential trouble, aren't the problem they are in some other parts of the country (although we DO have them, so you DO have to be aware of it.) What we don't have there we make up for in the biting fly category -- in spades.

I adopted this as a hiking solution but you can bet I'll be using it generally as an "outdoors" thing where it's even remotely appropriate because it just plain old-fashioned works.
2017-04-19 13:59:42