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It appears (no science here) that the bugs are aware that if they land on the treated surface they're dead, and thus avoid it.

Now exactly how much "halo" you get from that I don't know, but I DID find it interesting that I didn't need a bandana to cover my neck in order to NOT get bit on the neck and ears.... although I haven't challenged this setup in extremely heavy "swarm-like" mosquito conditions as of yet. Nonetheless there were plenty of biting flies and such around while hiking (as there usually are) and I had zero trouble, even when stopping to eat or drink. Without this approach while physically moving I didn't get hit too bad, but if you stopped under tree cover (as opposed to on a bald), oh boy.... This of course makes trips to the cathole, especially in the evening hours, quite a high-wire act -- but since doing this, no problems THERE either.

I'm rather interested in trying this approach on a couple of places personally known for extreme biting insect behavior, and intend to this summer. And yes, I will have some DEET with me if supplementation is necessary (and it might be!)

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2017-04-19 12:36:03