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User Info Insex Control :-); entered at 2017-04-19 11:42:16
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Someone here up north once asked me how hard fire ants bite. My reply was: those SOB's bite so hard that their back legs stick up in the air!

As for those herbal repellents I'm with you. I tried two or three over the years that people "guaranteed me" worked without a doubt. Bull****.

It's permethrin, DEET, or if you are stationary a thermacell.

If I did activities that resulted in the occasional tick, mosquito, or bug bite I would at least treat all of my socks, (shoes if they have a material that will absorb it), and underwear with permethrin. A lot of the crawlies look for those snugly places to bite or attach so you might was well keep them out.

2017-04-19 11:42:16