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I spent two weeks out in the bush hunting in Tanzania about 10 years ago and I did a lot of what you are suggesting. I bought the liquid Pyrethrum treatment kit, put all of my clothes in the plastic bag and treated them before I went on the trip. No problems at all with bugs.

Yep -- you can get the stuff at WallyWorld in a trigger spray, which also works if you pour it into a Ziplock, insert clothing, let soak for a while. Just wear basic PPE (vinyl or latex gloves) when doing it that way and then hang to dry out of the sun (e.g. in your garage.)

It's about $10 for a bottle at Wally; BassPro and most other outdoor stores also carry it but at a materially higher price. And while you CAN buy the concentrate you have to pay attention to the inert ingredients as some of them are unsuitable for use on clothing.

The advantage of the high-tech clothing is that it's wearable in warm or hot weather without roasting. You won't believe you can wear long pants and a long-sleeve shirt outdoors in 80+F temperatures and actually do anything physical without turning into a puddle of overheated sweat until you experience it for yourself.

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