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User Info Prognostication: Here It Comes; entered at 2017-04-17 10:40:26
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Karl, nice insight about Roberts. A lot of people really scratched their heads over that one. It made no sense for him to side with the liberals and there was a lot of speculation that someone got to him, maybe blackmail or threats. It makes sense that he put the fix in after some kind of side-bar discussion.

My only thought to add is that they always try to "grow" their way out of the problem. Obviously with an aging population that still won't work, and we haven't seen anything like 9% GDP or population growth even with fudged statistics in a generation.

Bringing in more immigrants is IMO probably a related attempt to get a younger, healthier population into the mix. We already see it in practice in Germany and Sweden. Politicians care little about the societal side-effects like their daughters being******targets and Sharia law. If nothing else it buys them a little time. When you tie this together, it suddenly makes sense why the Arab "spring" happened. It was an attempt to destabilize the entire region and force migrant flows out of the ME into declining Western civilizations.

Combined with letting older folks with diabetes "just die" in the fashion you suggest, it does not exactly point to a very nice future for us. If that doesn't get folks to protest, then I give up.

Ultimately I would say that just like diet and health, if you refuse to take responsibility for being active in a Democracy, you get what you deserve. Thanks for giving us a heads up. Five years will go by faster than we think.

2017-04-17 10:40:26