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User Info Prognostication: Here It Comes; entered at 2017-04-17 10:18:04
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Studies have demonstrated that type 2 diabetes is readily reversible in many people. I have helped reverse this condition back to normal in thousands of people. I was a type 2 diabetic myself 20 years ago but do not have diabetes any longer and enjoy perfect blood sugar (and hemoglobin A1c) values. But what value do former type 2 diabetics provide to the healthcare system? None. Off drugs, with dramatically reduced risk for numerous complicating health conditions, reduced need for hospitals and procedures, former diabetics are worthless to a system interested in growing revenues."


And when the "growth in revenues" bankrupts the country YOU WILL ****ING DIE if you haven't reversed your condition BEFORE THAT HAPPENS.
2017-04-17 10:18:04