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User Info Prognostication: Here It Comes; entered at 2017-04-17 09:52:17
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Will this have any legs?


This is disgusting and a DIRECT result of the 17th amendment. Here we have a State Legislature literally begging for consideration by Washington due to the fact state's CONCEDED their power with the 17th amendment. The states are no longer masters of their own destiny. Now they are asking for the 'sovereign's permission?!

How does it feel to know you and your people are slaves Governor?

Where's the freaking OR ELSE - like mobilizing national guard to first evicting/imprisoning all federal officers in the state and then taking back their government?

Junk food is the #1 item purchased by people on food stamps with soft drinks leading the list. Milk is the #1 purchased by people w/o food stamps.

I always wanted to roll the AG department to use fallow lands to grow food for this purpose to directly distribute. Tax payers pay twice due to the 'credit' issued by food stamps - one directly (taxes) and in the other through the price increase due to demand created by this 'credit' program.

No highly processed food or junk foods should have ever been allowed on that program.

2017-04-17 09:52:17