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User Info Prognostication: Here It Comes; entered at 2017-04-17 09:12:51
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The food stamp program literally allows people to poison themselves with processed crap and would be a good place to start to get these people healthy again. I am betting that a large portion of the folks on Medicaid are either diabetic or pre-diabetic due to a crappy diet enabled with their food stamps.
Anyone that has watched politics in the past 4 decades know that the left uses these handouts to entice votes for their parties. The second benefit is that they keep them addicted to poor eating habits making them sick and dependent on more government programs. I bet today if I went up to the grocery store, it would be flooded with diabetics looking for half priced Easter candy.
I spoke to a clerk at our local store and asked him if they see much food stamp use here and he told me that they see a lot of it. I live in a fairly wealthy area and am surprised to hear this. He also told me that he has seen cards with thousands of dollars of credits on them because they roll over every month.
I would think that all social services need to do is cancel anyone with a card that carries a substantial balance because they obviously don't need subsidized food. When people get the stuff for free, they will use it in in the bakeries and the chip aisle and this is why they are all rolling around in those electric carts.
Our own government supports diabetes through this program and can stop the flow of crappy food by limiting what can be purchased. Think about the billions that is being spend on Medicaid to service these sick people that could be saved if they didn't spend so much time at the doctors.
Of course the lobbyists for the food companies would have a hissy fit if this happened.....
2017-04-17 09:12:51