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User Info The Bad Joke That Trump Is Turning Out To Be; entered at 2017-04-16 13:05:44
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I'd wager a significant if not a large majority of Trump's base are people like myself, who specifically voted for him as a reaction against the rackets and bezzles including the one Karl describes in this ticker.

For him to turn around and sell us out is not just a betrayal of his voters, but a tragic self-betrayal.

After all, what does Trump stand to gain by continuing to empower the same criminals who gave us the TPP, medical cartels, theft of the Social Security trust fund, bank bailouts and selling Senate/House committee chairs to the highest bidder?

He's already proven himself as a business man, and has no need for more wealth. Only his legacy as a man and a citizen is left to prove. He should resign immediately if he had a shred of decency, which apparently, he does not.

2017-04-16 13:05:44