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User Info So You're Hiking? What Do You Eat?; entered at 2017-04-12 13:31:35
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Registered: 2016-02-11 Pacific Northwest
This has been on my mind. I used to haul mre's, but they are mostly carbs.

Depending on the trip, sometimes i'll vacume pack a steak, breakfast sausage, and deli meat (seperately), put a slab of dry ice on them and wrap with newspaper, then cram it inside a sweater in my pack.

Its a little extra weight in the beginning, but it sublimates and really deep freezes the meat.

Another thing i have done is take a can of tuna, which gives a meal, and the can becomes an alcohol stove.

I have a few pounds of beef fat in my freezer. I am going to experiment using some of that with jerky to see if i could make something more nutritionally balanced and edible... maybe soup or something. I imagine that the fat will be fine for four or five days before it goes rancid.

Hflc... life is freakin' awesome without belly fat.
2017-04-12 13:31:35