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User Info So You're Hiking? What Do You Eat?; entered at 2017-04-12 01:00:26
Posts: 25
Registered: 2017-03-30 Weaverville, CA
Happy to hear that you are out in Nature backpacking! One of my favorite things to do. There is something transformative about multiple nights out on the trail. Even the preparation is a blast. Have not been on the AT. Only the mighty PCT and JMT, plus Yosemite, Sierras, and R2R trips at the Grand Canyon.

What to eat? Since water availability, weather conditions (especially heat), distance, weight and time (between resupply) are always factors youve gotta make hard choices. I keep it simple and repetitive.

LARABAR is my top pick for trail food. These bars are delicious, nutritious, and power-packed. Plus they are portable and lightweight and wont melt in the heat. I will eat several per day. Lots of nuts too walnuts and almonds. Plus there are yummie single serving nut butters in packets. In addition, I like to cook up a warm evening meal. One pot and a spork (both titanium) plus my little single burner power stove make it happen. Boil quinoa or quinoa pasta and add vac-packed tuna or salmon. Eat every possible scrap. Be sure to lick your pot and the tuna bag so the bears dont get ya! Of course if H2O is plentiful, wash and go. I leave my coffee behind when backpacking (cause I love my half&half) and stick to organic green chai tea. Always have organic peppermint and organic ginger tea bags on hand as they also work as medicine.

Good hydration is the key to success. I like the ElectroMix packets (by Emergen-C) but there are numerous other choices. One pack per day.

By the way, what is your trail handle? If you dont have one no worries as one will find you!

Enjoy every minute.
2017-04-12 01:00:26