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User Info The Bill To Fix Health Care - Permanently; entered at 2017-03-30 22:40:49
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The thing that has been clear in my mind since I read the first of the tickers on this topic, is as follows:

"Repealing and replacing" the PPACA is a complete and utter nothing, but if and only if we can get movement on the actual SOMETHING. The actual SOMETHING is enforcing the 127-year old Sherman Act, and the 100+ year old Clayton Act, and the Robinson-Patman Act, and all of the other antitrust legislation that already exists. In other words, NO NEW LAW IS NECESSARY. Bring these ideas to the forefront, and get it some traction, and neither PPACA nor AHCA is anything at all!

The AHCA was no more than a sop to "an idea of something", said something in fact being nothing. It was a perfect representation of the old and failed maxim that says, "It's better to do something and be wrong than to do nothing and still be wrong."

Well, if it's WRONG, it's WRONG!!!!!

Here it is: Enforce the Rule of Law. Pursue it relentlessly. Embrace it. Follow through.

I'm not a football coach, but does once being a bandmaster count? The best bandmaster I ever knew always called me "coach". I didn't mind. But I get it. These ideas have to get some attention, some traction, or they go simply nowhere.

Maybe it's a tiny glimmer of hope, but I did see and hear Hannity and Gingrich, just a few minutes ago, talk a very little bit in a vein that might mean they're getting the idea. A big part of the discussion seemed to be the Trump scolding (and threat) toward the "House Freedom Caucus" for their opposition to AHCA, sort of delivering a spanking to Paul Ryan. (Now Hannity is talking to Ingraham about Farkas and all of that foolishness, which likely is both nothing now and will come to nothing.)
2017-03-30 22:40:49