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User Info Cut The Crap Trump And Congress: HealthCare; entered at 2017-03-15 10:04:47
Posts: 1968
Registered: 2009-06-03 East of Sheol
The big question I have is when this all blows up and the people figure out how they have been raped since the 60s how many doctors, lawyers, hospital administrators, healthcare stock holders, insurance executives and insurance salesmen will find themselves at the end of a rope of mob justice?

How many of these "healthcare" dens of thieves will find themselves burnt to the ground?

These people have been given ample warning and time to change their ways. They continue in this manner at their own risk. Instead they have decided to double down on the corruption and thievery. These people shall become the Tories of old. The colonial revolutionists knew their own internal enemy.

I suppose one can dream about the wrath of the virtuous.

Nothing but empty bellies and the lack of I-crap devices seems to motivate the American people as a whole now. Too many are content to be chattle and/or parasites feeding off the resources of their fellow man.

2017-03-15 10:04:47