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User Info Adulting: A Massive Failure You Must Correct; entered at 2017-03-13 21:13:58
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If you are not highly-active you need about 1/2gm per pound of body mass in protein. If you are, around double that. Note that nearly NOBODY meets the "highly active" category although a lot of people THINK they do.

"Highly active" means an hour or more a day of high-impact physical exertion. Think "roofer", someone who is running 50+ miles/week or equivalent. If you're pumping iron an hour a day, every day, yeah, you fit the criteria. Almost nobody does -- or is.

If you consume too much it is simply converted to glucose which totally destroys the HFLCMP paradigm.

Note that if you're overweight or obese you DO NOT use your current weight for this computation -- you use a NORMAL body mass for your height. That's because fat doesn't consume protein (other than to make more fat), only muscle does.
2017-03-13 21:13:58