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User Info Adulting: A Massive Failure You Must Correct; entered at 2017-03-13 18:51:39
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Registered: 2014-10-06
I signed up for a Christian health sharing plan to dodge the ACA. After a discount for being normal weight and active, it costs me $82/mo and will protect me from catastrophic expenses as long as I do my part.

I can't smoke, drink in excess, or get fat. Costs related to STDs (and offspring) caught outside of marriage aren't covered. Neither are birth control, sex change operations or emotional support animals.

Related to the "basic skills" post a few days ago... For years now, I've withheld my skills and know-how from snowflakes of all ages, including blood; those who have voted to steal from me, off-shore industries and open the flood gates to slave labor and hostile immigration. I'm no longer "the guy" to call and won't undercut tradesmen. Is it better to starve the beast or feed it snowflakes?
2017-03-13 18:51:39