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User Info Adulting: A Massive Failure You Must Correct; entered at 2017-03-13 18:50:48
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Trying in my own small way. I have more kids than Karl (although one is the same age). We live in a smallish town without any government subsidized buses.

So, they all want to drive. Rule is, you buy 1/2 a car. That means that you have skin in the game, but Dad has the title and y/n over purchase.

Kids all work, so that's covered.

During school year, they all have worked part-time, but if they do their "job" (school) we pay for gas and insurance. Maintenance is on them, and I've taught them all how to do an oil change and basic stuff. So far, so good*.

Repairs are on them. For me to pay their gas and insurance in the school year, I require an "escrow" account to cover stuff. All of them have $1,000 waiting to use for stuff with their cars. Would that cover every contingency? Nope, but the idea is that they can't touch it. And all of them have been growing that account.

*One of my kids made so much money last summer (he was a rafting guide) that he decided to let a quick lube place change his oil.

When I showed him the delta between 30 mins of his time vs the cost he decided he'd rather get a little dirty.

Out of school time, they buy their own gas. If they don't meet other standards we've set, they buy their own insurance, or park the car. So far, that has NOT been an issue.

But, they still don't get it in so many ways. One kid is in Oklahoma on a full ride for National Merit (good deal). One, despite my teaching, wants to go to a pricey private school. I've told her what I'll pay. All my kids know I'll pay instate tuition. They have to figure out the rest without my signature. That has been an interesting battle.

Bottom line, thanks Karl. You've helped me articulate stuff to my family and friends.

Also - I'm 100% LCHF since late 2016. Down 30 lbs. Happy as can be. All I miss is pizza.

2017-03-13 18:50:48