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User Info Adulting: A Massive Failure You Must Correct; entered at 2017-03-13 18:40:00
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Great article, Karl.

I'd second SuperTrucker Tom's comments above. We know several 20-something females who often 'don't feel like adulting today.' One has two children, who she treats like they are a little sister and little brother, rather than as her children. She has a wake of relationship destruction behind her that would make a daytime soap blush, or get really high ratings on HBO.

Another, sheltered and coddled by her parents for life as a middle child, is 24, has a degree (good grief!) in 'family and consumer sciences', which for all the world to me, looks like a perverted and quite useless version of 'home ec'. No permanent job, she 'nannies' for wealthy people too disinterested to raise their own children, works as a barista when she feels like it, etc. She participates frequently in 'mission trips' around the world that look like nothing but crowd-funded extended vacations.

All afterburner, no rudder, in either case. These girls might wake up some day and wonder where their life has gone, but so far, they seem to be completely void.

Steer around the messy puddles. You didn't cause them; you don't need to clean them up.

2017-03-13 18:40:00