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User Info Adulting: A Massive Failure You Must Correct; entered at 2017-03-13 15:57:20
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Registered: 2007-11-27 Tejas
This article is all over the place. Not that I disagree with any of it.

-Don't have a weight problem so I can't comment on that
-Family decided taking pictures of EVERYTHING was stupid and we travel a TON.
We take pics of our daughter growing up and of items we might want to actually print and hang on the wall. If you enjoy a spot or experience enough then you should go back. Not pull out your phone and take pics of everything. Its all on the internet anyway.
-If you can attach yourself to someones family plan its worth it. I pay $12/month on Verizon with a Z10.
-There are plenty of AWESOME used vehicles for under $10k. We sold (both) our $30k vehicles and will never buy into that again. Rocking a 2004 4runner and just sold the manual A4 for $2200 :( Point being there are great rides for cheap.
2017-03-13 15:57:20