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User Info Wikileaks CIA Dump: What Does It Mean?; entered at 2017-03-12 08:47:32
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A friend told me about a new reality show called Hunted. I hate those shows but she insisted I watch it, knowing my general opinion on gov snooping. Teams of two individuals go on the run and try to last 28 days to win $250K. They are tracked by a team of ex cops, feebs and secret service types who use real time CCTV, license plate readers, social media etc. to find them. It is worth watching for anyone who uses social media to see how they access all your "friends" and hack into your email and social media accounts. I watched a couple episodes and was horrified to see what I've long suspected actually put into in action. I'm sure some of it was exaggerated for the show, but still, it was sobering what they can do. One of the experts tracking the teams said basically the only way to avoid capture was to go back to the 1800's. No electronic devices, no shopping, and stay out in the boondocks.
2017-03-12 08:47:32