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Off topic for this thread but relates to other recents.

Rheumatologist sd no arthritis in my knee, gave me a requested steroid shot, saying it probably wouldn't help. It didn't. said probably soft tissue damage, tendon or cartilage, get an MRI.

Saw the orthopedic surgeon who just replaced my wife's hip. Examination, second set of x-rays (standing this time), no gross bone problems, said next step, MRI, probable soft tissue damage of some sort. Ordered the MRI.

Friday, call from his office---MRI DENIED BY INSURANCE.

They also blamed it on third party contractor like it wasn't their fault. I called bull**** on them while speaking to cust. service reps in three way conference call.

As I have not met my deductibles yet, $2000, I will probably pay full boat for it anyway. Tried to get a cash quote from the recommended imageing ctr. No call back.

Went online, $900-1000 round trip to Tokyo, MRI $160-$200. Read an interesting article as to why so cheap.

Billable here is probably, don't really know, lets say $500-$2000. Next week I will ask insurance co. what they will pay to the imageing ctr.

Bet they don't tell me.

KD, one interesting thing yesterday. Ins. Co. claims their contract is with my employer, not me. Is this true? We were doing payroll yesterday so I was not able to get our plan data. Will on Monday.

What can you tell me?


2017-03-11 18:05:49