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User Info Wikileaks CIA Dump: What Does It Mean?; entered at 2017-03-11 17:48:15
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Registered: 2009-10-23 On a rock in the river
"Someone's paying the bill that makes same possible and the "someone" is you."

"If you think you're not you're certifiably insane."

Have no FB, Twits, or similar. Sig. other does. Have explained your position to her, last time just this morning after I was blowing up last night about medical.

Life is hard when, for some damn reason, you still love in insane person after 30 years.

Thanks for opening it up, KD. Really made me think things out, albeit later than I should have, with your housing industry coverage. You have made me "smarter". I pay much better attention now. Thx again.
2017-03-11 17:48:15