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User Info Wikileaks CIA Dump: What Does It Mean?; entered at 2017-03-11 12:44:36
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The funny thing about the leaks is little is said about the press conference Assange had. It has not been talked about much from where I have been.

Assange said the CIA had lost control of the various programs and the were, to say, out on the street. Of course, being it would render them obsolete, nothing has been done about it, as far as protection goes.

It is politically, where these tools are dangerous. The fake news story is the Russians hacked the DNC, despite the fact little or no evidence has been provided. If there was a hack and it had Russian prints on it, it is just as likely the CIA or another agency hacked it. Most likely, a pissed off inside gave wiki the material, due to the fact they didn't like the outright cheating that was ongoing inside the Party. In any case, the fake prints could have been put on afterwards for legitimacy.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I do a lot of private cussing about the government and politicians. To think I cannot even express myself in private without the potential of being recorded for future use is numbing. I wonder why a TV even has a microphone or camera, as I don't use those features. The Jetsons was a cartoon and I'm not ready for the funny papers.

Karl makes a great point about where else we are giving up all our data. Google, Facebook, Amazon and to a lesser extent, Apple have already shown themselves to be organization bent on totalitarianism. The fact they are censoring news that isn't leftist is enough for me to make that deduction. The Washington Post is the king of fake news. The left no longer has a concern about privacy and the defense can only come from those of libertarian ideals today. The left no longer recognizes the United States and thus the Constitution means absolutely zero, except where it serves their aims.

Even without this bugging, the government has other tools. More so than data collection, the threat of getting rid of cash is even greater. What you buy, who you give your money to, etc tells as much about you as what you say. They can shut your money off, through compound interest, confiscate it in other fashion. Those you help out financially can be criminals you know nothing about. Picking up the money, which has already been done once in 1933, is the end. There is a lot to having a number to buy or sell.

This is all just another sign of how far down the rabbit hole we have traveled. We probably aren't going back, as too many people are either afraid of the hidden enemy, on one hand, or too detached, in the I'm not doing anything wrong idea, on the other.

There is only one group of people that are going to do anything about this, the people whose plans the government are trying to foil. Look, if we don't support the left, we are already being branded racists. Few know how far down the hole that one charge can take us. If you voted against the obvious criminal Hillary, you are clearly anti woman. Anti black, antisemitic. The fascists communists are projecting themselves onto their opposition.

The constitution was set up to discourage big government. In fact most of what government does today is outside the intended powers granted. It has been made up as they go along. The bill of rights only exist for lip service. There are no recognized limits to government, especially if we can be led away from being an independent entity, as so much has been done so far. The concern should be nothing other than they aren't supposed to be allowed to do what they are doing. Unfortunately, they have been doing what they are not allowed to do for 100 years. We are looking at the last few feet of the field they haven't taken. The battle was probably lost when Bork was turned down in the 1980's. We have reached the point where we either turn our back on much technology or the country breaks up to survive.

2017-03-11 12:44:36