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User Info Now, Real Trouble; entered at 2017-02-15 13:04:30
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My question is, Do we even know WHAT the actual content of the conversation(s) was? I have yet to see an (supposed) actual transcript. I have heard lots of allusions as to what the content was - hence the implied threat of blackmail - but not a single piece of conversation content or an actual charge has been made, as far as I know.

For all we know, the Russian contact may have asked something like, 'So what does Trump intend to do about the sanctions?' To which Flynn may have replied, 'Well, I can't discuss that yet,' and completely forgotten about it as being inconsequential. And then when asked about it, didn't recall it - or said something truthful in his thinking like, "I never discussed sanctions." But the transcript does say that the subject was brought up.

We don't know anything about what was actually discussed - as far as I know. Lots of insinuations though. At this point, I would think that we should have specifics if there was anything to it.

I'm not making excuses for or being an apologist for anything Flynn has done. He may well have overstepped the bounds. If he did, then this was the correct action. But until someone comes out with ACTUAL proof of what was said and done, I'm going to take the administration's word that nothing illegal was done here. However, if that is disproven, - - - well, let's just say that any further support of Trump will pretty much go POOF!

My take is that the left and the deep state have wanted Flynn's scalp from the second his name was mentioned as National Security Advisor. He just happens to have been caught - in the ILLEGAL release of wiretapping information (ok to release the info on the foreign party, but I believe it is illegal to release that of the US Citizen) - as a vendetta by an anti-Trump someone in the NSA / intel community.

All that said, I pretty much agree with Gen here (if the charges are true), but my biggest concern here is the public release of the fact that the wiretapping was done to apparently, make a political point.


Not to mention that in my book, once the PUBLIC charge of possible blackmailing was put out there - that pretty much negates any threat of said blackmail being effective.
2017-02-15 13:04:30