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User Info Now, Real Trouble; entered at 2017-02-14 17:39:45
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Echoing Bagbalm's comments above, my ongoing concern is that Trump can't fart without almost everyone in the media saying it was an attempt at biological warfare. Where was this all-consuming concern with ****ing security when the teleprompter-in-chief was in office?! We all know the answer, but dammit it irritates me to no end.

And... I actually think even moderate liberals are starting to feel the same way. Obstructing of Obama by Republicans? Well, sure, but they're pieces-of-****-politicians. It's expected (not to mention many of us opposed Obama's actions for the bull**** they were). I'm concerned with all the leaks - and I saw the (probably purposely inflammatory) term "Obama Loyalists." If there truly are a faction of such in the government, it's farther gone than I thought. Yearning for a past president to actually retake control of the government, so much so that you'll act on it? If true, bad mojo.
2017-02-14 17:39:45