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User Info Now, Real Trouble; entered at 2017-02-14 11:13:51
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Registered: 2009-03-19 Just North of Detroit
F & D - I can't see Trump playing golf and killing time for even 4 years. He's used to a different world and thought process.
What I am afraid of is that we don't see any backing off from a systematic opposition to anything he does. These people are whipping themselves up into a frenzy every day. I don't think it is 100% controllable. You may have a handle on almost everyone in a mob, but almost isn't good enough.
The reason this makes me afraid is that I think there is a less than zero chance there will be some mob action that reaches the level of insurrection, or an assassination attempt obviously not the act of a lone wolf, bad enough to declare a state of emergency.
Every President from Eisenhower on has layered new emergency powers on top of old ones, until the President now has pretty much the power to do everything they want to accuse him of in reality and completely legally if invoked.
Go look up just how broad those powers are if you don't know.
The opposition seems unhinged enough to cross that line.
2017-02-14 11:13:51