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User Info The Pattern of The Market; entered at 2017-02-12 19:09:06
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Registered: 2009-03-19 Just North of Detroit
I'm no longer worried about the market. Been out of it for several years. I've written off what my wife has in her retirement account since she won't retire and cash it out.
I'm just hoping it isn't so bad we lose basic services due to the concentration of so many things in fewer companies, and the regulatory barriers to any recovery.
Thanks to Karl I've lost 70 pounds and am still working on it.
Due to him and a few other sane people we owe nothing, pay everything off we buy monthly, and have a decent cushion of cash.
I am hoping when Amazon dies they spin off the e-book sales because that is treating me very well.
2017-02-12 19:09:06