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User Info DNI Fails To Find Its Ass With Both Hands; entered at 2017-01-07 18:17:48
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Registered: 2008-12-09 Spokane WA
It is no longer possible to believe anything that comes out of of the mouths of .gov spokespeople, and it hasn't been for quite some time. The current 'intelligence' departments are nothing but political officers modeled on the old Soviet model. Ditto local government, where corruption and cronyism and payoffs used to be in the shadows, it's now right in your face, and advertised with an enormous sign that says:

**** You. We Own Your Ass.

I don't see any 'rising up', or any evidence that things will 'return to the way they used to be'. We have had a full generation, and maybe two, that have no concept of 'right' or 'wrong', or Heaven forbid, the meaning of the word 'shame'. Everything is permissible. California just declared child prostitution legal. Brain destroying marijuana is available legally within a few minutes of my home and office and throughout my state, and other states are following suit.

The ****tards that think that Hitlery was the 'solution' to our 'problems' seem to becoming increasingly ready to light the planet on fire and take everyone with them. We are confronted with bull**** stories like 'Russia! Russia did it!' all over the front page of the paper and meanwhile we're shipping a ****load of tanks and front line battle equipment to the RUSSIAN BORDER for 'training'. No one is paying attention to the pending economic collapse, or a possible coming mini-ice age, or murdering jihadists in Florida, Boston, California, Texas, Washington and a dozen other states. We have to read about what's going on here in British newspapers, because ours are fed by the Ministry of Truth.

Europe is lost--if you didn't visit it prior to the invasion, you've missed your chance. What existed in 2014, does not exist now--the geography is still there, but the vibe is gone, the culture is dying or dead, and it's literally taking your life in your hands to walk the streets in numerous countries....and they allowed and encouraged it to happen. It would take a massive bloodletting to return it to its prior state, but the demographics ten years ago pointed to its death through lack of reproduction, so let it be. It's over for them. Zombie continent.

It's my opinion that the thinking that we have 'a few more years' may or may not be the case. Once things start coming apart, it's a seam here and there that fail, then a few more, but the talk will be that we'll fix things and that we'll make things better, and that things are improving and then every seam splits and the whole fifty megaton bag of **** we've been trying to manage will drop on our heads like the bucket of blood in the movie 'Carrie.'

There isn't any getting away from it. There isn't any way to avoid being hit by it. There isn't any way to profit through it, or remain unscathed. People building remote compounds (and I've done some design work on some) are under the impression that being 'away' from the cities will leave them fat and happy. Complete and utter bull****. They are just as dependent on supplies from the 'outside' as a ten thousand square foot Beverly Hills mansion. There are some really well appointed tombs in NE Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. They're currently being used for 'homes', but these places will be the last place anyone would want to be when it All Comes Apart. People that don't have much of anything--contractors and regular people in debt up to their eyeballs--built these places. They know exactly where they are and what's inside.

Enjoy your time doing what you should be doing, rather than pissing your remaining time away. Go build a rifle or five. Instead of that vacation at the PGA course this year, go buy a pallet of 5.56 and double ought and .45ACP. Teach your kids to shoot. Go camping and hiking like our gracious host. See things that you've never seen before, because you may not, soon, be able to do those things any more or get to those places with the convenience that you have right now.

2017-01-07 18:17:48