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User Info DNI Fails To Find Its Ass With Both Hands; entered at 2017-01-07 12:17:49
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The content is such silliness. The thing that stuck with me was from the boilerplate... (from Annex B), an event with 1 in 5 odds is considered "highly improbable"? Especially considering the relatively high importance/impact of the events which one hopes they are usually writing about, it seems insane to attach such language to such a probability. I'd call a 20% chance perhaps "somewhat unlikely" but sure as hell not "very unlikely". If this is typical of how they seek to skew management opinion, by using more extreme and absolute language and opinions than are warranted, it really does make one wonder if these folks offer any value to the country, or are really just more interested in being heard and heeded.

2017-01-07 12:17:49