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User Info Convenience At What Price?; entered at 2017-01-03 08:37:31
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When you do drop Facebook keep in mind how difficult they make it to do so!

After you've completed all the steps there (archiving, deleting, and such) including the final check box for "delete my account" you're still not truly "gone" from their world of influence.

They require a cooling off period before they "delete" your account. In my case it was two weeks. The proviso is that the account is still there, and any activity on that account nullifies the deletion, as if it had never happened. Activity would include any login to the account, naturally, but there are other things that constitute activity.

If you have linked other accounts (Twitter, LinkedIn, email, etc.) with the Facebook account and fail to destroy those links, then any activity there also constitutes Facebook activity, and your account is still there. For all I know there are other things that can have the same effect. So I took a couple of additional steps.

I removed all "friends" from my friends list. (Some can't be removed, but that's just the way of it.) I also eliminated the Twitter account and the email link. Then I set the Facebook password to something randomly generated, a great many characters, something I would have to write down in order to log back in the one last time to hit the "delete my account" button before logging out. Then I destroyed that password.

I quit the book late in 2013, so the steps might have changed.
2017-01-03 08:37:31