Convenience At What Price?
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2017-01-03 07:40 by Karl Denninger
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Convenience At What Price?
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Since the New Year on my desktop the number of ads, and the sheer stupidity of what's being advertised on Facebook has gone exponential.  I now am "treated" to an ad every single time on the first page of the timeline, typically in the second slot and then another on every single page, instead of just on the right hand sidebar and sometimes in the timeline here and there.  Marking one inappropriate, offensive or irrelevant simply guarantees another will be spun just below the page line to immediately appear.  In other words the density of ads has gone from "mildly annoying" to full-on, "****-you-in-the-face" offensive.

These ads are also now full of investment claims and health quackery -- ads such as "things that always happen before you get prostate cancer", scam-filled "dating sites" and "alternative investments" of various sorts.  Interspersed with this are a few ads for something useful -- like a car -- although there is a zero possibility I will want to buy a new car during the next several years.

Perhaps one ad in ten is in that latter "useful" category, in that it is for an actual useful consumer product or service.  The other nine are spam -- and I do mean spam, in that in my email anything of that sort gets flagged and in nearly all cases my Bayes filter catches it before it gets to my inbox -- throwing it in the trash.  Why?  Because these are not ads for CocaCola or a Buick -- they're ads "selling" you some "herbal" nonsense, a subscription to some fairytale garbage site or a quackery-based health scam.

Twitter has gotten equally bad in its "mobile" app to the point of near-uselessness.  Tweetdeck on the desktop browser is, so far, mercifully free of this.

But it won't be for long, I suspect.

Why am I on Facesucker at all?  Only because some of my friends do things during the week that are published there, and thus I can find them easily.

Well, my friends, you're about to have to spend $5/month if you run some group or make 10 seconds worth of personal effort if you'd like to see me at some event you're interested in -- that is, you're about to have set up a web site or email list server using something like Digital Ocean (cost of $5/month or less) and keep a calendar that way.

Or you're going to have to resort to an old-fashioned phone call, text message, or Groupme message.


Because not long after I post this, if this doesn't almost-immediately stop (and I fully expect it not to) I'm going to either delete my Facesucker account entirely or just quit using it, and probably will also delete the mobile Twitter app.  If Tweetdeck gets invaded I'd stop using that too. I've already removed 2 years worth of my timeline posts on Zuckerpig's monstrosity; the rest will be gone in days.

There's a point of annoyance with spammers advertising "products" and "services" which I consider to be outright frauds and scams that reaches my limit of tolerance, and it's rather much lower than my tolerance level when Ford tries to sell me a truck.  There's also a density problem; yes, I understand sites run ads, but they cannot become the focus of the content or I'm done with you.

Your limit of tolerance may be in a different place than mine, but even if I never buy anything from these assclowns Facesucker claims I saw it, the advertiser pays for it, and thus my mere presence has value to that rat bastard pig in Palo Alto that deserves to have an asteroid fall on his house and leave a smoking hole where he, and everyone related to him, resides today.

Yeah, that's how I feel about Zuckerpig.  He's pushed it too far for me, and he's about be treated as if he doesn't exist -- along with everything he does.

I get it -- some people make money using his site (especially those scamvertisers, I suspect), some people "find friends" (who really aren't their friends; they're just ghosts in a digital machine) and some people -- most, in fact who are on there -- use it as a means to push their dopamine button.  That is, they're addicted and deriving pleasure from it and that is why the scamvertisers have an audience at all.

Those who are actually my friends know how to find me, and if they really want me to show up for some event or express some thought with or to me they can take the 10 seconds to send a text, make a phone call or in some other way make it known what's going on.

If not?  Well, I guess I've learned whether you're really a friend -- or just a ghost in a machine -- haven't I?

That 10 seconds of effort is too much for you?

That's a useful piece of information and I thank you for providing it to me.

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