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User Info 2016: What Was And a Preview of 2017; entered at 2016-12-27 12:23:03
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Hey Karl!

I read the Ticker every other day, and usually find myself in full agreement with you. I also find I personally can't change a damn thing.

Let's take the recent election. I live in a "blue state" and no matter how much I want the entrenched pols out of congress I will always be outvoted.

My wife covers out healthcare. If we drop that we go to Obamacare which we all know sucks. In either case I can be a 'medical tourist' if need be, but that won't change what we got now.

I changed my diet (partly inspired by you), got lazy, put some back on this year and am back to losing again.

Sadly, when I talk to others I find most blissfully vapid when it comes to the details of how the country is run, and wholly entrenched in the party system. This Christmas at a party I listened to diehard Dems bemoan Trump but were clueless when I brought up how Obama stripped our rights under the 2012 NDAA.

And while we're at it, I find myself reluctant to actually bytch about things on the net because our Congress continues to sanction more and more domestic spying on the populace. We are in this strange "Brave New World/1984" mixup of the future.

It's sad to say but I honestly feel all I can do is do my best for my family and hope we're positioned right when it all goes to ****.

The reality Karl is most people don't want the truth.

2016-12-27 12:23:03