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User Info 2016: What Was And a Preview of 2017; entered at 2016-12-27 11:56:47
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I hear your cry.

Your website is my first read every morning. Very much enjoyed your conversation with Max Keiser on the beach. You were looking very good.

Please don't mistake what I'm about to say, as I'm not going religious. The purpose is to draw an analogy.

Over the ages, many prophets have been called to preach to people with closed (eyes, ears, minds, etc). There is a utility value to warning a doomed people in that if they continue to reject the truth, then they are left without excuse. Thus, the "burden of the Lord" is sometimes along the line of binding up the law and sealing the testimony against a rebellious people.

End of religious comment.

No nation lives forever. America will fall, just like Rome fell. Yeah, and it won't be pretty, or fun. America's demise is not that far off. You are correct, Trump won't save us, although he may buy us a little more time.

And the developing bear market in bonds is unlikely to be kind to anyone in government.

Unfortunately, we're at the point where consequences to past indulgences are building up faster than the capacity of our economy to pay off.

One problem is that America has become a socialist nation.

So, what is a socialist?

A socialist is someone who has learned that they can vote themselves benefits from the public treasury. And a socialist politician is a politician who panders to socialists for the purpose of acquiring political power by giving more socialists more of what they want.

There are at least two problems with socialism. First, there is not enough free money to give away once people sense the availability. This is especially true with a central bank policy that creates free money and lends it out at interest.

The second problem is that no socialist knows how to create a dynamic, resiliant, rich economy. The socialists in America are no different. American socialists have risen to power by spending the savings of an incredibly rich nation (19th century America). And once the savings were gone, by driving the nation into unpayable debt (20th century America).

So America is circling the drain. It's only a matter of time and the America I was born into, and grew up in will crash and fall.

You are not going to change this. America could alter its course and avoid her own destruction, but too many sleeping people would have to awaken and start voting people out of office, and prosecuting those guilty of breaking the law. That ain't gonna happen.

But there are people out here who appreciate very much the issues you write about, and the information you provide. As we tend to prepare for what's coming, the information you provide can have a material impact on our lives.

So, I'd hate to see you withdraw out of frustration.

BTW, Martin Armstrong is out with a new date. He's citing the date 2036 as the date the United States will break apart. Evidently, 2032 is the end of our age, and 2036 is when he is guesstimating the demise of America.

Armstrong's date of 2036 is offered with a proviso. He adds: If we can make it past 2024.


2016-12-27 11:56:47