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User Info 2016: What Was And a Preview of 2017; entered at 2016-12-26 19:38:38
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Hell, not one person I know over the age of 50 remembers the world before the current interest paradigm. Including a couple that aren't dumb and can handle the arithmetic. They still echo that on a long term stocks & real estate always go up.

I've got to figure that's why nothing ever happens regarding immigration. Trump may actually deport some violent criminals, but I don't believe for one minute anything will happen to slow either legal or illegal immigration. More competition to invest new found 'wealth' in RE or bonds or stocks. Some of TPTB get it and want to keep the illusion going to keep kicking the can. This is going to be spectacular and horrific when it all comes crashing down.
2016-12-26 19:38:38