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why is it somehow the Insurance Companies always win???

/begin dark and dismal rant

That's been my question since 1972. People think at end of WW2 "Operation Paperclip" just took in the German spies and Rocket Scientists.
I'm convinced the real Nazis (who understood bureaucracy see Albert Speer's memoir 'Slave State') came along too and weaseled into the US insurance industry from which they now rule the world. Took them a few decades but Russia and US are now both 'Crony Capitalist" states. China will be along soon.

Go to your library and look up your state's insurance insurance statutes.
I did that ca 1994 in Florida, they occupied fully a third of the shelf space. I call that regulatory capture. He who makes the rules can't fail to win.

It's clear to me they are going to try another round of 20% inflation to trivialize the debt. Like the "Flying Wallendas" they have an uncanny ability to keep us teetering on the brink.

when does the wire break ?
Is this the leading edge of Bondzilla ?

/end dark and dismal rant

i prefer the ground. Am 90% cash.


2016-12-26 15:28:11