PS: Screw You Too Obama
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2015-09-18 11:39 by Karl Denninger
in Federal Government , 401 references Ignore this thread
PS: Screw You Too Obama

Oh, for those who think I'm somehow supporting Obama inviting the Texas kid to the White House -- and judging from my email bag there's a bunch of you who think that way.


What Obama should have done is direct Loretta Lynch to indict the teachers, principal and cops that falsely accused said kid for the crime of deprivation of rights under color of law or authority (18 USC 242), a federal offense.

Again, that the school and its staff had no actual belief that an actual bomb was present is obvious from their actions.  They did not evacuate the school, they sat with the alleged "bomb" and the kid, they then invited the cops into said school with the device and kid still present and the bomb squad (or EOD) was not called out.  Had the school and its staff had any reason to believe there was an actual explosive device their first duty would be to evacuate the building and get everyone, including themselves, away from the "believed" bomb -- not sit with it and leave everyone in the building exposed to serious injury or death.

The cops involved also knew the entire thing was horseshit.  They not only failed to call the bomb squad they also took the kid and the clock in an ordinary cop car through town and to the station.  Same deal here: If there was any reasonable suspicion that an actual bomb was present they would have called the bomb squad and/or EOD.

Since none of that happened the only logical conclusion is that everyone involved knew with certainty that there was no bomb.  They didn't think there might be one but probably wasn't (because then you'd still evacuate and call EOD!) they knew there was no explosive device.

That is, they knew there was no threat of any sort.

That makes their acts intentional and that is a violation of the law.

Obama, direct your AG to enforce the damned law!