Ok, The Cops Do Decent Work (Sometimes)
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2015-06-08 07:14 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 145 references Ignore this thread
Ok, The Cops Do Decent Work (Sometimes)

There aren't very many things I believe the cops do that have merit.  This, however, would be one of the exceptions.

Those arrested included former workers from Disney’s Magic Kingdom, SeaWorld and Universal Studios and a youth counselor who had worked as an organizer for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the paper said.

Sheriff’s deputies from Lake and Polk counties joined forces to carry out the sting as part of “Operation L&P.” They also arrested two registered sex offenders.

Deputies posed as sex-hungry adolescent girls or one of their parents in Internet chat rooms and lured the suspects to a vacant house in Clermont, Fla., where the busts for solicitation took place.

These are simple stings to set up and they're pretty damned airtight too.  The cops pose as young girls (and sometimes boys!) on Internet chat rooms and wait for the pervs to "hit them up" with saucy conversations, and when the alleged perp expresses interest in "something more" they're given an address that the cops have set up cameras and such in -- usually a house they've rented for the purpose.

Once the alleged perp shows up he's done; the cases are typically a slam-dunk conviction.

See, this is old-fashioned police work -- you know, the good kind.  You investigate, you talk with people, you actually stake somewhere out where you believe criminal activity is going to take place, you stick out the bait and let the alleged perp complete with his criminal intent demonstrate an irrefutable attempt to commit the crime and then when he does.... here come the handcuffs!

Now if we could just get the cops to focus their attention here instead of on being thugs....