Maybe The Government Should Stop Lying......
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2015-01-31 07:15 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 356 references Ignore this thread
Maybe The Government Should Stop Lying......

This just plain sucks.

Health officials have reported that an outbreak of measles that started at the Disneyland theme part in Southern California has now affected 95 people in eight states and Mexico. 

The Los Angeles Times, citing the California Department of Public Health, reported that 79 of the 95 cases were in California, and 52 of those could be linked directly to Disney Parks.

Measles is a nasty disease and one for which there is an effective (but not perfectly effective) vaccine.  You're nuts if you are not vaccinated against this.

But -- there's a problem.  We allow undocumented immigrants into this country, including children, and guess what -- many of them are unvaccinated.  


Then compound that with the point I recently raised: Our government lies about the effectiveness of other vaccines along with the risk of serious illness or death if you don't take said vaccine -- such as with the flu.

So what do you think is going to happen when people lie to you repeatedly?

It may take 20 or 30 years, and has, but you blow your own head off in terms of credibility and then people stop believing even the true things you say.

The result?


PS: To those who have immune-compromised kids or adults that "can't" take the vaccine, I respond thusly: Your little urchin is just as capable of acquiring and transmitting said disease as any other person who is not vaccinated. When you're willing to remove said un-vaccinated person from the general population you can demand others who are not vaccinated also remain outside public spaces -- and not before.  Why you are not vaccinated is immaterial to the fact that being so means you can easily acquire and transmit said infection and the outcome to others if you do.

Disagreement with this position is a display of open ignorance.  Measles is very infectious; that is, it's R(0), or number of  persons an infected individual likely infects him or herself, is around 12.  "Herd immunity" is claimed to "work" due to arithmetic; that is, if a vaccine is 93% effective (which is roughly correct for Measles) then it drops the R(0) of the disease to under 1.0; when that happens fewer than one person is infected by each person who has the disease, and the endemic spread stops by simple arithemetic (exponents, you see.)  This, however, does nothing for you individually if you come in contact with an infected person.  Further, vaccinated individuals in the case of Measles appear to be able to contact the disease in a sub-clinical form (as high as 45% of the vaccinated population) where they do not break out but are quite-capable of and do shed the virus; that is, they can and do pass it on to others without even realizing they are sick!

In short vaccination is all about you, not about "herd immunity."  So-called "herd immunity" is about reducing epidemic risks, not individual transmission.  If you want individual protection against a given disease then take the risk and the vaccine.  If you can't or won't for whatever reason, whether medically indicated or otherwise, then that's just tough cookies; if you don't like the risk of potentially being exposed then stay out of public places where you can be exposed and hope that nobody you do have contact with has a sub-clinical case they're not even aware of.