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2014-10-17 07:45 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 175 references Ignore this thread
Uh, Yeah.

The bemusement I felt while reading this is something else.

Dear Unknown Driver:

On September 10, 2014, sometime between 8 and 10 p.m., you were driving northbound on Rt. 11 – Main Street – in Woodstock, Virginia. You were right in front of our quaint, small town movie theatre in the heart of Shenandoah County.

Of course, you know that part already.

You drifted to the right on the two-lane road, side-swiped my parked car damaging both doors, and sent my side mirror sailing 40 feet down the street.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

The punch line?

Soon the officers rolled on and I was crawled in my car window to make the short drive home.

Sure, I was frustrated to know I would be dealing with police reports, insurance and a body shop for the next week, but what really bothered me was their assessment.

“People just aren’t honest anymore.”

This bothered you?

Let's see.  The government spends more than it makes on a continual basis, and you call that what?  Honesty?

We have a government that knowingly arms drug lords and looks the other way while their money is laundered.  You call that what?  Honesty?

We have banks that rip people off wholesale with worthless synthetic instruments, knowingly sell securities to people they claim internally are "vomit" and more -- and this is called what?  Honesty?

Every single second of the business day while the market is open we have dozens if not hundreds or thousands of firms and people who break black-letter law by submitting quotes into the market for securities they have no intention to actually buy or sell, an act that is prohibited and has been for decades and we call that what?  Honesty?

We have a medical system that robs us of over $2 trillion a year through monopoly pricing (which is supposed to be illegal), refusal to quote prices at all (which is supposed to be illegal), billing you for someone else's procedures (supposed to be illegal) and in fact sometimes billing you for procedures not even performed (utterly illegal, even today.)  What do you call that?  Honesty?

Those very same officers have probably lied about why they stopped someone for this or that, claimed that people engaging in consensual adult conduct were in fact doing something "wrong" and thus should be put in a metal cage (even though nobody complained about any of it) and more.  What do we call all of that?  Honesty?

I could go on and in fact have -- since 2007, chronicling the frauds, scams, and, well, dishonesty.

And now, Jason, you're surprised, bothered, and ask that someone prove them wrong by owning up to hitting your car?


I'll tell you what -- you're welcome to dream of candy-crapping unicorns if you wish, but until and unless you see a material percentage of the scams outlined above, and those outlined in literal thousands of Tickers over the last seven+ years called to a close and people jailed for their part in them you're outright delusional if you expect anything better -- or different.