Phil To Those Who Don't Like Him: Tough Crap
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2013-12-23 09:32 by Karl Denninger
in Social Issues , 173 references Ignore this thread
Phil To Those Who Don't Like Him: Tough Crap

I have respect for a man who actually has balls -- because there are so few of them left.

Phil Robertson, one of the stars of the A&E reality show "Duck Dynasty" who ignited a national controversy this week with remarks he made about homosexuality to GQ, vowed he would not "give or back off" as he joined his family at church in West Monroe, La.

Why should he back off?  As he noted (and I quoted):

During the class, which lasted approximately 45 minutes, Robertson said of the reaction to his comments, "I am just reading what was written over 2,000 years ago. Those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom. All I did was quote from the scriptures, but they just didn’t know it. Whether I said it, or they read it, what’s the difference? The sins are the same, humans haven’t changed.

"If you give them the bad news, they’ll start kicking and screaming. But you love them more than you fear them, so you tell them."

Yeah, it seems that the gaystapo has never set foot in a Baptist Church.  Nor have they ever picked up the book.  You know The Book?

Never mind that this pretty-much says it all: He loves them more than he fears them, so he tells them. 

Incidentally, that's what a man does, and there are not enough of us left.  Pajama Boy wants to and does play to your fear.  

A man has no need, no desire, and no willingness to do so.

As I pointed out at the time neither the 2010 "revelation" or what Phil said this time was his opinion.  It was really nothing more than reading, or at worst paraphrasing, what is written in that book.

For this many have called for what amount to burning at the stake, and I'm sure they intend to stoke the pyre with the books themselves.  

But I do seem to recall that this is a time-honored practice by certain totalitarians; after all, the Nazis held regular book-burning parties in which they torched huge numbers of volumes in bonfire-sized piles.

It is one thing to have a disagreement with someone's beliefs and, perhaps, hold a debate.  You can even call for them to be shunned; I've done it many times right here in on these pages.

But -- just remember that when you do so others who disagree with you are free to shun you in response rather than "heeding your call."

That's the lesson that Cracker Barrel recently learned the hard way.

Now the question becomes quite simple and singular: Will A&E see enough people hammer their cable companies and the advertisers on A&E shows that their gambit will hit their bottom line?

I suspect the answer is "Yes."

PS: To A&E -- Phil and his family don't need you; they certainly don't need your money, and they don't need to be liked by you or the gaystapo either as they seem to be quite content doing what they do.  However, you do need him -- and the huge number of Americans that are Christian and have actually read The Book.  You might want to keep that in mind.