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User Info It's Called Evolution, Gentlemen (Tickerforum Changes); entered at 2013-09-30 09:24:01
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I wish you the best. I've been reading marketticker for years and enjoyed it. I haven't agreed with you about every litte thing, but I agree with you about broad principles. I know what you mean about trusting people to watch your 6. I recently said something similar to a friend when he sent me an article about NSA backdoors in Microsoft encryption algorithms. Here's what I said:

The thing that concerns me the most is that our society and economy (and, indeed, all human relationships) are based on trust. It's getting to the point that many citizens don't trust the government and don't trust businesses. Will potential market participants invest if they don't trust the companies that set up mutual funds or the companies that comprise mutual funds? Will anyone view a dollar as worth anything when it is just the promise of a system that's perceived as a corrupt kleptocracy? It's taking serious willpower to keep from just liquidating all my financial investments turning them all into "stuff."

If you've got half a dozen people you trust, then you're doing well. Best of luck.
2013-09-30 09:24:01