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User Info It's Called Evolution, Gentlemen (Tickerforum Changes); entered at 2013-09-29 09:42:01
Posts: 20
Registered: 2012-07-25 Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti, Horn of Africa
I believe we all saw the writing on the wall, and that this decision was inevitable... the telltale sign or indicator was the rapidity and frequency of recent "ban-hammers"

FWIW... always loved the analogy of the pond lily and the fish...
we are the fish, incidentally, and the lilies are debt

... a recent statistic I read leads me to believe that the pond may be nearly fully covered... :-|

I am sorry to hear of your decision (if not only for selfish reasons) because I thoroughly enjoy reading The Market Ticker, and all the other special privileges that go along with being a gold donor... it helps to keep me sane...

In any event, I admire and respect your decision, and as they say in the Navy... "fair winds and following seas"...
2013-09-29 09:42:01