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User Info It's Called Evolution, Gentlemen (Tickerforum Changes); entered at 2013-09-28 22:55:04
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I was considering just shutting it all down on 12/31. That was the end of the commitment I had made when I removed the quarterly on the 18th, which was originally going to go away on the 30th but was moved up a bit.

I decided after some fairly-careful analysis that I can accomplish close enough to all of what I intend from a standpoint of not feeding the beast without doing that, and still might accomplish some good in the process.

My evaluation may change over time, but that's where it is now.

I do a lot of thinking on subjects like this; these decisions do not come quickly or without a lot of contemplation. I'm kinda funny like that; I spend a lot of mental energy in contemplation before I make a significant decision, examining all the various angles, but once I've done that it's pretty much "this is how it is, this is how I evaluate the potential benefits and risks, and this is what I'm going to do."
2013-09-28 22:55:04