Our Disintegrating Government
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2013-03-06 21:13 by Karl Denninger
in Politics , 23 references Ignore this thread
Our Disintegrating Government

There's only one way to look at this folks.

WASHINGTON — Attorney General Eric Holder's stunning admission that it was difficult to prosecute large banks because of the potential economic impact may be a turning point of the drive to break them up.

It's not stunning at all.

It is, however, an admission of what we have known for years.

Now the pants of "Nobody committed any crimes" have in fact been artfully dropped to the floor and what's in our face is the ugly anatomical truth that crimes were committed and intentionally ignored.

That is something that Congress and the Administration had better fix -- right now.

The Rule of Law works and guides a just society only because it applies to everyone.  

Nobody gets to rape, rob, pillage or murder.  If you do, no matter who you are, you face the same punishment, the same process, the same sentence.

We all know there are disparities in the process and always have been.  But there's a difference between the foibles of mankind -- everyone has their bias, and there is no such thing as a human process that is flawless -- and intentional, designed-in or willful refusal to prosecute certain people for acts that land others in prison.

The latter is the defining action of a dictatorship.

A dictatorship can only exist by declaring war upon the people.  When a certain subset of the population is given license to pillage or worse that is the very definition of "diktat" from which the term "dictatorship" comes.

Fast and Furious, incidentally, falls into this category as well.

This is an extraordinarily dangerous state of affairs and must not be permitted to continue.  The government and its actors have lost all moral and ethical appeal to fair play and the rule of law -- by exempting certain people they have declared both themselves and those they exempted beyond the protections that exist in a civilized society.

I doubt Eric Holder realizes what happened in that hearing room or how clearly he rang the bell, but there is now a gauntlet before both the Administration and Congress that they have laid at their own feet.  Coupled with Rand Paul's filibuster over one simple question -- the murder of non-belligerent Americans on American soil without due process of law, without charge, without trial, we have a truly historical pair of events -- and unfortunately they're not the sort of historical events you wish to witness.

This is in fact arguably the most-serious Constitutional Crisis that has occurred in decades, although it is not yet ripe and likely won't be for some time.

That it will ripen and then rot, however, if left unaddressed is a matter of historical fact and certainty.

I pray for our nation; this is not what I wanted to hear today.