Tickerforum Turns Three: Thank You
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2010-06-25 14:15 by Karl Denninger
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Tickerforum Turns Three: Thank You

Tickerforum is officially three this Saturday, June 26th.

On 11:35 AM, June 26th of 2007, I decided I had enough of the existing "investment-oriented" forums on The Internet.  Taking my ball and bat and deciding to scribe out my own field, I set up Tickerforum using software that I had written a few years prior for folks who enjoyed diving when I became similarly-disgusted with the existing forums dedicated to that purpose.

Scubaforum, while it still exists, never really went that far. 

Tickerforum is another matter.

Three years, more than two million messages and 11,000 users later, Tickerforum now reaches more than 80,000 unique people in an average month and serves up nearly 90 gigabytes of traffic across 18 million "hits" in a month, or more than 15,000 visits and 600,000 "hits" a day.

For active traders I would argue there is no better place on The Internet than TickerforumOf course I'm biased, but who wouldn't be when it comes to their own "child" in a sense, just as I was with MCSNet when I was the CEO of Macro Computer Solutions, Inc. in Chicago.

In celebration of the forum's third birthday, and in appreciation of those who are members (and who make it what it is), I've decided to throw a bit of a birthday party, as I alluded to in my previous two posts on the matter.  As such I'm doing the following:

  • The entire forum is on "open Gold-level access" from this morning, Friday at the time of this posting, through early Monday morning.  Normal access constraints will resume on the regular schedule early on the morning of the 28th.  Effectively immediately you will see the forum as if you have gold donor access, even if you don't - from now until early Monday morning.

  • The video server has been instructed to allow all registered users in from Friday morning through Sunday afternoon.  If you're interested in what the nightly video looks and/or sounds like (there is both a multimedia and audio-only format available) you will be able to access it from this point until Sunday afternoon.  This area is normally only available to gold donors.

  • For all who have made a donation between the 10th of June and Saturday, Tickerforum's birthday, your login Id will be credited with an "administrative" credit equivalent to $10 post-dated to July 26th.  This credit has no cash value, cannot be transferred, and is my personal "thank you" to those who have decided to contribute to either silver or gold donor levels during this two week period of time.  Please note that the cutoff to receive the administrative credit is Saturday, June 26th at 23:59 PM EDT and it will be posted after the weekend and before the 26th of July. It will show up uniquely-identified as an administrative credit in your control panel.

To all who have been on and continue to be users of Tickerforum, thank you!  Bring your friends for the "Open House Weekend" and experience all that Tickerforum has to offer - at no cost or obligation - through the weekend.


-- Karl Denninger
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