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User Info Freedom Of Speech: How Quaint; entered at 2010-01-22 15:12:06
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There is no absolute right to freedom of speech if you are going to be punished for saying something or if government forces you to censor certain words, etc.

The government does not force me to censor certain words.

I can say "fuck" all I want. Oops - I just did.

On public airwaves there are some constraints - but that's not a private medium. If I want to print "fuck" in a newspaper I can. Hustler has printed lots of "fuck" (figuratively of course.)

Note that "obscenity laws" are state and local community standards. I disagree with them (and argue that incorporation makes such laws illegal), but they're not Congressional actions in any event.

Again, "hate speech" as mere speech is not punishable - at least not here in the US. Don't try it in most of Europe.
2010-01-22 15:12:06