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User Info Freedom Of Speech: How Quaint; entered at 2010-01-22 09:56:56
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"I'm probably going to draw a lot of fire for this..."

Gen, I understand your point, but disagree. Before I get into the details of my disagreement, I'll cite the structure of our government as an example. The U.S. is not a pure democracy, it's a representative democracy. We have intermediaries (representatives and senators) that function on our behalf. Furthermore, our Founding Fathers used several compromises to arrive at the bicameral nature of the Congress. This is also the example of the electoral college, which Al Gore supporters were so upset about. Would we want the populace of LA and NY deciding who would govern this great nation? Or, better yet, would we want rampant voter fraud in NY or LA deciding who would govern this great nation?

So, it is not against our liberties to put some restrictions on the practice of a pure democracy in an effort to keep the very liberties that we cherish. Ordinary Americans would rather ignore politics, and who can blame them? Politicians run on conservative values and govern like plutocrats. Our government has grown so large, the political class has become so corrupted, and the FRB has siphoned off so much wealth from the middle class, that it is expecting a lot to think that our republic could withstand the large monied interests of a few plutocrats that conspire with politicians to oppress the citizenry.

A final point is that our election laws rightly forbid foreign contributions to our campaigns. What happens if a.) foreign nationals are the controlling interest in these "American" corporations or b.) if the "American" corporation is so beholden to overseas profits that it's interests are effectively more aligned with foreign countries or, at the very least, the interests of the "American" corporation are widely divergent from the national interest. Frankly, I believe that scenario b is already upon us. No, I'd rather ban ALL corporate contributions. The fact is that these monies are siphoned from the common man's paycheck and are distributed by a corporate elite, be they banking interests, oil and gas interests or labor interests.
2010-01-22 09:56:56